Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gobble, Gobble Gobble

Sorry this is so delayed but this past week was a crazy one. The semester is winding down and thank goodness! I 'm in the home stretch but I still have 2 more weeks until school is out for Christmas and hopefully I can keep it up till then. I had a great Turkey Day. The Poggio's were nice enough to include me in the Thanksgiving celebration and a nice time was had by all. Janell and Josh even stopped by later so I got to see all of my niece and nephews but one (I figure that's fair since Christmas will be just the opposite, I'm so looking forward to seeing my little Ethan!) As you can tell from the picture I had a fun time with 4 of my 5 favorite people, I'm so thankful for them all!

We had quite the winter storm the past few days and it truly looks like a winter wonderland outside. The trees are fully flocked and the snow is so beautifully white, I love it! Hopefully, if it stays I can get a picture of it on here, it really is gorgeous. With the snow and my Christmas decorations up I'm already for the Christmas season. My roommate Kristen helped us kick it off with tickets to the Messiah sing a long at Abravenal Hall- I love singing at the top of my lungs. Enjoy the season!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yea- This Week Is Over!

I was officially accepted into the Interior Design program this week and am all registered for classes next semester. I'm not really surprised about that (I knew I would get in) and while I'm little worried about the work load (I have to take more ID classes than usual to catch up) I'm excited to get started. I'm also really excited that I'm done with school for a week- ok so actually I have class on Monday, but then I'm done for the rest of the week! Yea! After this week with group projects a test and 2 papers due I'm VERY ready for an easy week of school. I will have to work everyday but hopefully after a day of sleeping in I can be productive with my time. Speaking of work- I will not be working at the University Hospital's Women's Clinic. As much as that $2 more an hour would have been great my school schedule conflicted with the hours they needed me. I feel at peace with that and for now am content to stay at Sundance. Well that's all for now- I'm sure next week I'll have a picture to add from Thanksgiving day. Happy Turkey Day!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Color Board

That's right- two postings in one day- everybody stand back! No, actually I just thought these were two different subjects, so I put them on separate postings. As most of you know I am back in school. It has been a difficult transition, but I'm really enjoying it. I had to turn in a color board this week to be officially accepted in the the Interior Design program at LDSBC. (from here on out it will be referred to as ID or ID program) Hence the name of the blog "CoLors of My World" I tried a few other names having to do with design but my darling little nephew calls me Lors and so do my brothers-in-law, so I thought I was a cute, all be it cheesy, play on words.

Anyway I've posted a picture of the color board since I'll never get it back. It had to be 9x12 (I really wanted to it to be bigger) and even though I just handed it in this week, there are already changes I would make to it. In fact I added a paint color that isn't on the picture (it needed a little more pop) Don't worry I'll get lots better once I actually take classes. Anyway enjoy.


Happy Halloween

Well I'm sure you're all shocked, I am, but yes I'm actually writing in my blog. My sister Alissa had a Halloween Party last Saturday and sent me this picture so that I would put it up. Her tactics worked. It was a fun party and a nice break from a busy week. It was fun to see my niece and nephews in their costumes and listen to them scream as scary stories were read. The lunch was delicious and Alissa even named all of the dishes with Halloween names. We had eyeballs, bat wings, fingers and was really yummy I promise. I also went to a Halloween party up the canyon. There were friends, dancing, funny costumes (my friend Blaine's Umpa Loompa costume and dance made the night!) and the same old singles scene. I went a she-devil to that one too, I figured it was fitting. Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Yes I'm a copycat

Well now that all my sisters all have one, I figured I better jump on the blog band wagon. I don't know if I'll be great at keeping it updated, but at least this way I'll always be able to check everyone elses updates.